Explainer videos have appeared in video production quite recently - about 10-15 years ago - but this format of the advertising video has already proved its effectiveness. Such videos are used to simply explain to potential consumers how your product works and why it deserves their attention. The supply of information on how and what to do, occurs in an easy and often even entertaining form.

Which Functions Do Animated Videos Perform?

Experience shows that the explainer video has obvious benefits for the business: increasing traffic, increasing repeat sales, increasing popularity, increasing conversions, reducing time to communicate with the client and explaining information to him, optimizing the manager's work, and much more. That's why the format deserved its popularity.

What do explainer videos do:

  • Use motion
  • Evoke or provoke emotions
  • Combine live action with animation
  • Influence to buy product or to use a service
  • let people know you exist

The pr explainer video productions start with the preparation of the text by a professional copywriter who can convey important information to the viewer in simple words. Then, there is a voice-over of the video by a professional announcer and selection of the background music. After working on the layout of the video, the animation begins. To create an explainer, professionals use video design - such computer graphics and animation as motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, infographics, video screens or screencast, graphic design and art illustrations.

4 Main Reasons to Choose Explainer Video:

Check the reasons why you should choose an explainer video:

  • It contains the maximum amount of important information and shows it to your client in the minimum amount of time.
  • The presence in the video of the explanation of the principle of work or a new way of solving the problem.
  • This video is not perceived as a direct advertising. There is no explicit imposition of a product or service, but there is a transfer of the benefits that the customer receives when buying.
  • The videos are ideal for startups, new products and services, for young companies, IT-development, technology and innovation.

Why Are Explainer Videos Becoming More and More Popular?

The video production companies have many clients due to the following reasons:

  • Explainer videos usage is on the rise
  • We watch a lot of explainer videos
  • Marketers rely on videos to help them do their jobs
  • Consumers love explainer videos