This spring, we witnessed a significant milestone in the commercial real estate market of Kazakhstan, when the multifunctional complex of Talan Towers earned an international LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the GOLD category. The certificate was received by Astana Property Management, which is a developer of Talan Towers and one of the enterprises in the portfolio of Verny Capital, a company managing Bulat Utemuratov’s funds.

A little more than four years have passed since Bulat Utemuratov announced his intention to invest over $300 million in the construction of the first eco-friendly premium complex in Kazakhstan. The construction began in 2013 in the very heart of Astana, in the business and administrative part of the capital. Government organizations, offices of major Kazakhstani and international companies, cultural sites, premium residential complexes, modern shopping and entertainment centers are located within walking distance.

More than 100 international companies took part in the construction of Talan Towers, applying the best world’s innovative technology and using high quality materials. In 2017 the construction was completed, while the total cost of the project exceeded $400 million. Featuring a space of 120, 000 square meters, Talan Towers accommodated an A-class business center, the Ritz-Carlton Astana hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Residences and a large shopping gallery, connecting two towers.

Talan Towers became the first object in Kazakhstan to receive such an honorable award as the LEED certificate. Only the best real estate that meets all the requirements of sustainable construction can be awarded the certificate. Most of its "green" technologies were introduced in Kazakhstan for the first time and were planned as early as at the design stage. This includes green roofs, energy-efficient elevators, special energy-saving glazing, solar panels, reuse of rainwater, electric car charging stations, locker rooms and showers for cyclists and much more. LEED-certified buildings save energy, improve human health and use natural resources more responsibly than traditional buildings, which fully corresponds to the concept of improving Kazakhstani people’s lives promoted by Bulat Utemuratov.