Overwatch has a wide variety of characters, and their differences are not limited to the appearance. Some characters are very demanding of the player’s skills, therefore, starting to get acquainted with the game is better with simpler characters. For example, Soldier-76 and Lucio are excellent for getting started. Both are fairly easy to learn, treat themselves and allies and bring the team a lot of benefit even in the hands of a novice. After you gain skills as a player, you will be able to try yourself as a bettor. If you decide to make your hobby profitable, navigate to this site and open new Overwatch opportunities for yourself.

3 Key Tips for Overwatch Players

Check useful tips below:

Tip number 1: Watch the Game

There are often situations when changing a character is the only way to win a match. Let's give a simple example: you play for Lucio and successfully help your team hold the point. The enemy player decides to gain an advantage in heals, takes Pharah and purposefully throws you with rockets. You reach your people, die, and while the cycle repeats, your team does not receive treatment and takes positions. Lucio's shells fly slowly, and it is very difficult even for experienced players to get into the flying Pharah. The best way out in this situation will be to change the hero to the same Soldier.

Tip 2: Don't Forget to Use First-Aid Kits.

Doctors do not always have the opportunity to heal you: while the enemy flanker is attacking them, they are frankly not up to you. Maybe the healers are just too far away, or even completely killed, while you urgently need to replenish your health. In this case, the first-aid kit is your savior. Memorize their location, so that if necessary you can heal yourself and rush into battle again. Of course, if the first-aid kit is not used before you.

Tip 3: Work in a Team

Overwatch is a team game. The mechanics of battles are sharpened to a well-coordinated work, and often win not those who shoot better but those who interact correctly. Of course, no one bothers you to hunt for heads away from your teammates but you need to communicate with allies at least at a minimum level. Come to voice chat, even if you cannot or do not want to talk. Sometimes, your comrades can tell you useful information about the location of the enemy or ask for help.

First of all, try to deal with enemy support in order to deprive the enemy of the advantage. For example, you can often see Pharah and Mercy. It is wiser to first deal with the doctor, and then take up the rocket doctor. Not only will you have to shoot at a target that is constantly being treated, but in the end he will either run away to help other heroes, or simply resurrect Pharah with the maximum amount of health. The opposite advice follows from here: try to protect your supports. Who knows, maybe they will still be useful to you.