Are you going to bet on hockey? Don’t hurry. First, it is necessary to analyze in what form the teams approach the match, which of the opponents has a longer series of victories. Indeed, even strong teams have recessions, and less well-known teams have some good games. Learn the tips to achieve success in betting at

The Best Tips for Bettors

Before choosing a bet, we suggest using our tips:

  • You also need to see personal meetings, since even the most eminent rival can unsuccessfully play with an outsider club and have an uncomfortable opponent.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to which team is the owner, because the support of home stands is of no small importance.
  • You need to carefully study the list of injured, because if one of the leaders is in the infirmary, then the team’s game is likely to decline. Well, in order to get acquainted with hockey in more detail, you can come to the stands and cheer for your favorite team, or look into the sportsbook and watch the broadcast of the match.

Features of Hockey Bets

  • Bets are generally accepted excluding extra time;
  • The final score is quite large compared to football, so the results are more unpredictable;
  • A more limited number of types of hockey bets, first of all, they include the outcome and total
  • Matches are held very often, without long breaks, which allows you to more accurately assess the form of teams and see more objective statistics.

How to Bet on Hockey?

Bookmakers around the world offer a lot of hockey betting lines, consider the most popular. Popular hockey betting lines:

  1. Betting on the outcome. They are considered classics in a hockey tote. Traditionally, when playing on the outcome, you need to carefully monitor the statistics, it will help to understand many patterns. For example, from year to year in the KHL, the hosts win in 45% of the meetings, and the guests in 42%, the remaining outcomes are in overtime victory.
  2. Total betting. Recall that this type involves betting on the number of sports indicators (points, goals, games). Usually the total limit in hockey is conditionally equal to 5.5 goals.

Learn the tips above and increase your chances to achieve success!