“In his  new book,  ‘Relational Presence:  Decision  Making  beyond Consenus” Samuel Mahaffy demonstrates a clear pathway for moving beyond  ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in decision making.  The extraordinarly gifts of author  has for bringing conflicted parties together lay  the groundwork for  a new relational  approach to decision  making.  This work is a  ‘must read’ for anyone seeking to be  an instrument of peace and reconciliation or anyone in  a leadership  position.”

Kari  Joys, M.S.
Founder and Director
Center for Creative Change
Author:  Choosing Light Heartedness:

“Samuel  Mahaffy brought  our organization an extraordinary gift with his facilitation of the Appreciative Inquiry processs  for Interfaith Hospitality.  His  visioning work helped to energize our work serving homeless families.”

Sarah  Peterson,
President of the Board,
Interfaith Hospitality of Spokane”

“The business model that  Samuel Mahaffy helped to develop for Adult Day Care Spokane has led to
success!    His ability to wrap around legislative requirements, while at the same time understanding marketing needs and human needs had laid the groundwork for our expansion into a new facility and expanded services.”

Dr. Renee Rinderknecht
Administrative Director and Founder,
Adult Day Care Spokane