For the Life of the World: A Review by Samuel Mahaffy

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“Christianity has simply lost the world.” Adopting the Western dualism of sacred vs. secular, the instituted church abandons the “mysterious treasure” that is the Good News of the Gospel. Imagine how different the church might be if not operating from the duality of sacred vs. secular. Alexander Schmemann presents a compelling case that modern Christian theology has “lost much of the true understanding of the...

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70 Candles! Women Thriving in their 8th Decade

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Written by Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole. Review by Samuel Mahaffy. “What is your bliss at this time?” Imagine living your bliss into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond! The exquisite cover design of 70 Candles anticipates the delightful, celebratory stories of   women living well–into their 70’s. The Taos Institute tradition of publishing inspiring and incisive works achieves a new benchmark with the release of 70...

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Review of Jesus Christ Peace Maker by Terrence Rynne

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Reviewed by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. Like the fishermen of yester-year, Terrence Rynne meets Jesus Christ Peace Maker and drops his nets and follows him. The nets he drops are those that have ensnared and entangled cultures and civilizations in “sacralized violence” (p. 31) perpetrated in the name of religion. Terrence Rynne speaks with the clear voice of one whose heart has been transformed by the “authentic voice of Jesus”...

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Systemic Inquiry. Ed. by Gail Simon & Alex Chard. Review by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

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“Is my research making any difference in the world?” “Might my practice be enriched by emerging research findings?” If you have ever asked these questions, a treasure awaits you in Systemic Inquiry: Innovations in Reflexive Practice Research. In the forward to Systemic Inquiry, Mary Gergen aptly and poetically characterizes this collection of essays as a polyphonic symphony of voices with a “lush, tonal and exotic...

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Who Stole Your Joy? Finding Your Way Back Home. By Kari Joys, MS. Reviewed by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy.

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A Review by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. Light the candles! Release the balloons! Like the epic Biblical account of The Prodigal Son, this work is a compelling narrative of our journey back home to joy. With a lens of remembrance, reminiscent of Rumi, Kari Joys lovingly awakens awareness that joy is our birthright. In a single word, Who Stole Your Joy is a book of celebration. Celebrate the final release of psychotherapy from the dark cloud of...

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